Thank you for checking out the NEW Avalon Village HOA website! When we thought about what to include in our website and the ideas flowed; but, of course with the ideas comes cost and eventually a budget. What you currently see is what was on the top of our list, we think you will appreciate it as many of you have been asking for it.

We now have the ability to accept your HOA dues via PayPal! All of your information is sent directly to PayPal; the HOA only retains the information sent to us by PayPal alerting us to a payment being made with your address and lot number. No credit card information is sent to the accountant or the HOA.

As always we welcome your feedback. Please use the avhoaquestions@gmail.com email address to send any of your questions.

Monthly board meetings:
New location: Abby’s Pizza on Barger

March 11 – 6p-8p
April 8 – 6p-8p
May 13 – 6p-8p
June 10 – 6p-8p
July 15- 6p-8p Annual Homeowners’ Meeting