Frequently Asked Questions


  • What do our dues pay for?
    1. Common property landscaping (map) (wetlands, storm drainage ditches, backflow/sprinkler repair/maintenance in the Isles, yearly backflow testing in the classics.
    2. Bookkeeper
    3. Board legal counsel
    4. Administrative costs, ie: website maintenance, PO Box, mailings, meeting space rentals, insurance, taxes
    5. Emergency or urgent repairs on common property (tree replanting following the city removal is one we expect to pay this year provided Covid hasn’t halted the project completely.)
  • When are dues paid?
    • Quarterly: January, April, July, and October
  • How can I pay my dues?
    • You can pay via Paypal or send a payment to: 1500 Valley River Drive, Suite 250 Eugene, OR 97401


  • Where can I submit a complaint?
  • What can the HOA do about noise complaints?
    • The HOA follows city ordinance regarding noise complaints. We ask residents to submit complaints to the city: 541-682-5111
  • Where can I submit a complaint about an abandoned vehicle?
    • The HOA has no street jurisdiction, any cars illegally parked on the street need to be reported to non-emergency: 541-682-5111 or here.
Extra Information about the Complaint Process
  • If you have submitted a complaint and included a picture the board still needs to witness the violation in process. The reason why we need board volunteers to witness the complaint is to protect the board should the violator seek a hearing. Photos sent in aren’t date or time-stamped, some don’t show addresses or license plates, we don’t know if a vehicle was parked in that area for loading/unloading (15 minutes permitted,) or if the complaint was made in bad faith. It is a liability for the board to not double-check each complaint.
    The board is compromised of volunteers, our various schedules and responsibilities will not always allow for one of us to check a complaint immediately after it has been submitted. We try to check complaints within 24 hours or if we are told that it happens within a specific time-frame we will check during those hours.